Company Profile

PROUDLY FILIPINO FROZEN DAIRIES, INC., the maker of a quality yet affordable HERNZ Classic Ice Cream is owned and operated by a Filipino couple who are natives of Bulacan.  They came from the clan of HERNANDEZ-CRUZ who has been in the Ice Cream Industry for more than Fifty Years.  They were also used to be a part and manufacturer of Milko Ice Cream.

  PFFDI, as it is known today, has been registered and recognized with the Securities and Exchange Commission on April 19, 2005 with Head Office and Production Plant located in Bulacan Warehouse Center in Sta. Rita, Guiguinto Bulacan.   Moreover, as part of their expansion plans, it has already Depot Centers, Franchisees, Direct Dealers and Retailers in Metro Manila and nearby provinces and continues to saturate the other regions.

  Aspiring for excellence, PFFDI has everything it needs to succeed: highly energetic achievers who are committed in driving the Ice Cream Business into its peak as it strive to create original flavors and novelty products while maintaining our strict standards on safety and hygiene through the use of modern technologies and machineries that were acquired from Italy. 

Mission & Vision

Our Mission

In pursuit to the attainment of our vision, we are guided with our Christian virtues to imbibe these missions:

  1. To provide consumers delight and satisfaction through a cold treat of great-tasting, high quality, yet affordable premium ice cream that are surely safe to one’s health;
  2. To maintain the Filipino tradition of bringing joy to every celebration of life, thus, strengthening the “KA PAMILYA” Spirit;
  3. To create meaningful employment and profitable growth in harmony with environmental sustainability and good corporate citizenship;
  4. To take pride in what every Filipino can do to reach out and serve the other Filipinos.

Our Vision

PROUDLY FILIPINO FROZEN DAIRIES, INC is committed to the development and production of frozen ice cream that truly delights the customers. Hence, driving the company to higher-growth performance is our passion. Therefore, we envisioned our company to be the best Ice Cream in the region and in the country as a whole and at the same time treating our customers as kings through genuine service that they truly deserved.

In achieving its Vision-Mission, every PFFDI employee is guided by its Core Values with an acronym- H.E.R.N.Z. that would mean as follows:


    Because we care and we value our name, we deliver only quality, affordable and safe products and services to our clients.


  We are committed to continuously strive to deliver quality results by being creative and competent in everything we do through continuous research and innovation to improve our craft.


  We accept individual differences but at the same time we establish an open communication with one another by accepting paternal corrections in order to enhance our skills and maintain our professionalism.  


  We are always ready to expect the unexpected by being quick in doing the best that we can do.  We see to it that it has every thing it needs to succeed:  Superior Technology, Committed, Talented and Experienced Workforce.


  It is our enjoyment to be of service to everyone:  To serve and not to count the cost; to labor and ask not for any reward.  These distinguish itself as the benchmark in the ice cream industry in the region.